8 March 2012

MOTHER'S DAY, and International Womens Day!

Mums the word this week, as we at Grays help you prepare a perfect Mother's Day for your Mum.

And what better way to get in the Mother's Day spirit than by celebrating International Women's Day!
Here's a little example of how integral women are to both culture, art, and history.  Please leave us your  comments and stories about the power of Mothers and women in general!

A Little History Drama...

Irish Lace Stole, Circa 1900.  Diane Harby, Grays Market. 
In Ireland, during the great potato famine, Irish mothers and daughters scraped together what they could to help their families survive.  To put off poverty and unemployment wealthier Irish women would give charitable classes on crochet, which lead to a new crochet style that became world renown for its artistry and ingenuity (no one could afford paper to make the designs, so they did them from their imagination). The effort proved integral to the styles of the 19th century throughout Europe, and provided a strong feminine presence in the generally patriarchal country.  Talk about powerful women!

Now, back to some Mother's Day Ideas!

The Usual Suspects

Everyone likes a bit of familiarity with gifts, but think outside the box to get something unique and fit for use. Mother of Pearl is a great way to show her how motherhood can produce great things. 
Silver and Cameo style Perfume Bottle, Circa 1883.  Evonne Antiques, Grays Market.
Picture Frame. Linda Bee, Grays Mews
Baroque Pearl Necklace.  The Pearl Gallery, Grays Mews.
Mother of Pearl Edwardian Pill Box.  Bygone Era, Showcase  Grays Mews.

Mother of Pearl Jewellery Box circa 1913.  AMS Antiques, Grays Market. 

The Woman You Call Mother...

...Is actually a person too!  Mums have to be pretty clever and pretty fun to raise children.  Let her game in style, and challenge her to a few games yourself!
Travel Chess Set.  Mary Wellard, Showcase V011 Grays Mews.
Rare Chinese Chess Set.  Anita Gray, Grays Market. 

Relax, Mum!

Mums love their children, but sometimes children can be exhausting!  Let her know that you care about her by giving her the perfect relaxation tools.

19th Century Cup and Saucer with Arabic Decoration.  Mayfair Antiques, Grays Mews.

Example of Engraving in Wine Glass.  Bennet and Thoroughgood Engravers, Grays Market. 

Don't Forget...

...To tell your mum you love her.  A gift may be symbolic, but nothing is better than the words straight from the heart.

Amethyst Heart.  Fossil Earth, Showcase FS005 Grays Mews. 


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