5 January 2012

Wishing for Spring

With all of this wind, rain and snow, it's no wonder that we're hoping for a little warm weather.  Get your spring wishlist going with lovely perfume bottles for new fresh scents, some floral and pastel outfits to wear under the sun, and other lovely trinkets to welcome that springtime fun.

Floral print tunic with green chiffon lining.  Vintage Modes, Grays.

French blue and white opaline glass perfume bottle,  19th Century.  Alexia Amato, Grays stand K10.

French Deco perfume bottle with Silver Colar, 1920's.  Arnold Salvi, Grays stand 124. 

1930's Czechoslovakian black and white glass perfume bottle.  Linda Bee, Grays stand L20.

Velvet lined leather perfume box with two perfume bottles.  Louisa Orza, Grays Showcase V021.

Beatiful black and cream printed top. Vintage Modes, Grays.

Blue Jade and Amethyst beads from Pakistan in varying natural shapes.  Bakhtar Art, Grays stand M21.

1920's green and pink dress (necklace not included). Vintage Modes, Grays.

Intricate lace jacket. Diane Harby, Grays stand 148.

And don't forget to look out for Valentine's Day news from Grays and Alfies!

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