23 November 2011

Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair, Olympia

There was a fantastic turn out of almost 24,000 at the Winter Fine Art and Antiques Fair held at Olypia last week.

Grays Dealers John Joseph, Gilded Lily, Sue Brown, Anthea Gessua and Wimpole Antiques participated in the fair selling a vast selection of exceptional and rare items to the public. For those of you who missed the fair, you can visit the spaces virtual gallery here.

Grays Dealer John Joseph

Anthea Gessua, Grays Dealer

Anthea Gessua at Grays

Grays Dealers, Gilded Lily

Grays Mews Dealer, Sue Brown

Grays Dealer Van Den Bosch

Grays Dealer Wimpole Antiques

Interior Shot of the Fair

Interior Shot of the Fair

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