4 August 2011

Seventies Glamour

Many designers get their inspiration from vintage fashion and this summer the 70s are making a comeback. Bring back a bit of Seventies Glamour into your wardrobe with floral maxi-dresses, high-waist flare pants, peasant blouses, colourful prints and silk and satin fabrics. Combine modern pieces with vintage 70s fashion to create a unique and bohemian look. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit with some glamorous jewellery. Come to Grays and get inspired. Here’s a selection of what our vintage dealers at Grays have to offer…

An amazing vintage 1970’s party dress in orange satin with holter neck. Price: £110, from Vintage Modes.
Add a bit a glamour to your 70s outfit with this large, gilt pendant necklace made by Grosse in 1972. Price: £ 120, from Gillian Horsup.
Early 1970s evening dress comprising silk chiffon hand sequined blouson top, small daisy motifs with tie at neck with skirt of black velvet. Price: £ 160, from Vintage Modes.
A fabulous black and brown all over sequin dress for a sparkling night out. 1970s, price: £ 200, from Vintage Modes.
Complement your outfit with a stunning snake ring. A 1970’s diamond ring with blue and yellow sapphires, from Maria Perez.
YSL – Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. A red, silk satin blouse by Yves Saint Laurent. 1970, price £ 195, from Vintage Modes.

Pucci vintage, blue sunglasses. 1970’s, price: £ 88, from Gillian Horsup.
Colourful earrings by dress designer Jean Muir. 1970, price £ 55, from Linda Bee.

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