21 July 2011

Gemstones, lore and attraction....

We all love jewellery and gemstones over here at Grays, but why do we choose certain pieces over others? Maybe we are attracted to the enhancing properties of the gems without realising it? The usage of gemstones for beautification, protection and as valuable trading goods are recorded from ancient civilsations such as the Egyptians and their love for lapis lazuli, the Maya of Central America and their use of jade, and even the Bible mentions precious gems such as amethyst, carnelian and emerald. At Grays we have a vast selection of precious gems which can bring enrichment and joy, if chosen carefully....

Green gems, like emerald and peridot are lovely to call on for abundance and what better than these pieces:

Emerald Diamond Ring, 1940's, with 15 emeralds interspaced by old cut diamonds set in a silver and gold band, from Beaut

Lovely Art noveau emerald and diamond ring, made in Austrian Hungary, ca 1903, from Miwa Thorpe

Yellow stones are wonderfully invigorating and bring a sense of joy, like this Portuguese topaz brooch, ca 1740, offered by Peter Szuhay

Blue gems, like sapphire, are calming and bring a royal feeling as in this Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring, ca 1935, from Jan Havlik.

Red is the ultimate colour of attraction, and red garnet can boost self confidence and make you radiant and feminine, if you want to increase these qualities, wear pieces like the below:

Garnet brooch from the 18th Century, offered by Charlotte Sayers

Victorian Bohemian garnet necklace, from Aurum

Pink stones are all about love, romantic, undying, eternal. If one is calling, you might be heading for the altar soon.
Art Deco pink sapphire and diamond ring,  in a stepped level geometric design, from Robin Haydock

Orange amber is not technically a gemstone as it is fossilized tree resin, but it has been used as trade item in the Baltic for centuries and its valued for its smooth quality and sheen. The orange colour is strengthening and boosts the immune system, and it is excellent for beating off those cold germs.

  Gorgeous Amber silver clip earrings from Gillian Horsup.

The purple of amethyst has a spiritual connection, such as in this Art Deco English amethyst and diamond ring, with a side design related to the Greek key pattern, ca 1920, offered by Sue Brown.

White gems bring expansiveness and power to its wearer, like the moonstone in this Liberty Pendant, 1910's, with additional green garnet, pearl and silver, from  Jo Elton and Olly Gerrish

And lastly, the diamonds, the hardest natural material, for everlasting material support. What about these pieces as a gift for yourself?

Diamond ring, Edwardian, ca 1910, from Emmy Abe

Diamond cluster Ring, 1940's, from Pushkin Antiques

Happy gemstone hunting! 

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