23 June 2011

Midsummer Flower Magic

Even with the English summer being elusive we thought we could brighten up the day with some beautiful flowery finds at Grays. The longest day of Summer Solstice has just passed and we are in the growing season for all things pretty and nutritious in nature.  In Scandinavia, the Friday after Midsummer has traditionally been a celebration  when wild  flowers  are collected and put under the pillow to bring forth a dream to reveal the identity of the future husband. We urge all ladies to try this, and if you can’t find wild flowers, here is a selection from Grays dealers to contemplate.


    A stylish Victorian seed pearl brooch portraying the much loved lily of the valley flower.
    Offered by Aurum

   A boxed silver, gold and rose diamond flower pendant, convertible to a hair piece, ca 1860, offered by Sylvia Williams


  Late Victorian brooch with ruby, rose diamond and pearl, set in silver and 15ct gold. Circa 1890. Offered by Jo Elton & Olly Gerrish


Cute18ct gold double daisy cluster ring with pearl centres, ca 1910, offered by Jo Elton & Olly Gerrish


   A large Ruby and Diamond "Double Rose" spray brooch, finely worked in 18ct white and "rose" gold. Continental Circa 1955 - 1965, from Bellum Antiques

  A pair of beautiful 1970's gold and diamond earrings in leaf form by Andrew Grima, signed, 1970s, offered by Michael Ventura - Pauly

Evocative 1940s Indian necklace  with inlayed rose diamonds and tourmaline, ca 1940, from Michael Ventura–Pauly

    A lovely maple leaf brooch in agate with lapis and diamonds, Austria ca 1930, from Michael Longmore

   A stylised leaf brooch with natural Burma rubies and diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold with French marks, offered by Perry Nazari

   Stunning,  Levinger & Bissinger Jugendstil, silver plique-a-jour brooch, in leaf form set with     pearl buds. German ca1900, offered by Van den Bosch

   Happy Midsummer Everybody!

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  1. Oh these are all soooo beautiful. Works of art they take my breath away


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