26 April 2011

Wedding Days

In the week leading up the Royal Wedding and with all the hype surrounding Kate's wedding dress in particular, we thought we would share a little glimpse into the past and some of the beautiful brides captured on their wedding day's throughout history...

 1923-Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the late Queen Mother) Image: about.com

1920s bride with a wax wreath orange blossom tiara.  
Image: victoriana.com

1930s bride & groom. Image: victorianamagazine.com

Cyril and Winifred Kirk 9th September 1940s wartime wedding. Image from BBC2 Archives. 

1953 John F Kennedy & Jacqueline Kennedy

 1969 - Elvis & Priscilla Priestley

1970s Wedding. Image from here

1981 - Princess Diana  

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