7 August 2009

Grays August Issue

Grays Saturday Shopping Launch
19th September 2009

As of the 19th September Grays will be open every Saturday from 11am-5pm, giving you the opportunity to visit your favourite shops at the weekend. The first Saturday will play host to a Grand Opening with iced tea and beautifully hand-made cakes by the suberb Pattisserie Valerie, with the added luxury of spending an entire weekend afternoon browsing the many delights Grays has to offer. . Don't miss this very special event!

For more information please email info@graysantiques.com or call 020 7629 7034
or visit www.graysantiques.com

Dealer Highlight: Vincent Martin and Robin Haydock

Both Vincent Martin and Robin Haydock have recently moved to Grays following the redevelopment of Antiquarius. Vince has been in the jewellery trade for 27 years and was, like LAPADA member Robin, a large attraction on the Kings Road. Both have a stunning array of fine, mainly gem-set jewellery that ranges from about 1780 right through to the present day. Engagement rings are also a speciality! Sharing a large stand Robin and Vincent can be found at the rear of Grays Downstairs. With an international clientele and a wide range of jewellery their new stand is a sight to behold!

Antique of the Month: Majolica Pottery

Majolica is glazed earthenware; first fired to biscuit stage then decorated with brightly coloured glaze and fired again to give its characteristic metallic glossy finish. Victorian Majolica was first produced in the late 1840s and had its commercial debut at the Great Exhibition of 1851, where it was exhibited by the Mintons Ltd under the name Palissy Ware. Production continued until the 1900s when tastes changed and the market became flooded with imitations.

The wonderful early Majolica produced by Mintons and Wedgewood, often includes mythological figures, creatures, fruit and vegetables. Some of the imaginative and whimsical designs can be seen amongst Britannia's collection in the front building here at Grays. Other Staffordshire potteries, including the famous Staffordshire spaniels, can also be found within the treasure troves of Cekay and Mary Wellard's stands in Grays Downstairs.

The market price for such pieces has dropped considerably since the 1980s and while they are beginning to come back into fashion, they are still a very affordable collector's item.

Showcase Spotlight: Deco Etcetera

With a beautiful array of original early 20th Century British ceramics, Deco Etcetera is one of the only dealers within Grays to stock fine examples of Clarice Cliffe, Susie Cooper, Shelley and Charlotte Rhead ceramics. You can find Deco Etcetera in showcase V16 in Grays Mews and you can also view more items on their own website www.deco-etcetera.com

Showcase your Collectables

If you have a collection of antiques or collectables and are looking for somewhere to display and sell them, why not rent a showcase at Grays. For more information please contact Jenna on 020 7629 7034 or email info@graysantiques.com

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